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Part No : MT-W-SMB-1GB

1GB mp3 Silver Metal band watch

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With this MP3 watch you can record your voice memos, meetings, messages or personal reminders anywhere & anytime directly into your MP3 Watch - with a recording time going from 72 hours for the 1GB MP3 watch. The ear phones are 150cm long which is suitable for both tall and short people. Memory storage for the MP3 and USB watch is up to 1GB.Data stored within both the MP3 and USB watch can be password protected with at least 10 years of data retention. It is very easy to store, transfer and recall files, documents, and programs with the USB and MP3 watch. The files can then be easily transferred from both the MP3 and USB watch directly to any personal computer for editing and storage. With the MP3 watch, you can record up to 60 songs and play them for 4 to 5 hours on a single charge of the built in Li-ion rechargeable battery.

    * Memory: 1GB.

    * Voice recording time 72 hours.

    * Available in: 110V, 220V.

    * Optional accessory: AC power charger.

    * Total legth of case: 62 mm .

    * Thickness: 15 mm.

    * Width: 42 mm.

    * Dial diameter: 30 mm.

    * Japan movement is separated from MP3 Player.

    * Real hot plug & play.

    * Flash Memory with integrated USB device.

    * MP3 player with earphones.

    * lithium battery with integrated USB plug bus-


* Music format for MP3 watch: MP3/ WMA/ ADPCM.
* USB1.1 flash storage, 1GB available.
* Equalizer modes POP/ ROCK/ CLASSIC/ NORMAL.
* Built in Microphone:
* ADPCM voice recording.
* Changeable USB cable and earphone jack.

More About 1GB mp3 Silver Metal band watch

Features include:

  • MP3 light
  • MP3 Play light indicator
  • MP3 Record light indicator
  • MP3 Power light indicator
  • MP3 battery light indicator
  • MP3 USB light indicator
  • MP3 Pop light indicator
  • MP3 Rock light indicator
  • MP3 Jazz light indicator
  • MP3 Classic light indicator
  • MP3 Random playing light indicator

Power saving:
 Automatic power off if no button pushed in 2 minutes
 Automatic power off in 2 minutes when all tracks played
 Standard USB port for recharging, file download
 11 LED light indicators
 Shock proof and static proof for USB & MP3 watches


  • It's a portable MP3 player
  • It's a voice recorder
  • The MP3 watch provides USB mass storage
  • It has a sporty - dynamic and innovative design
  • It's firmware upgradeable
  • The MP3 watch has a built in charge circuit by USB jack
  • It has 4 different equalizer modes
  • It has automatic power off
  • It has LED light indicators
  • This MP3 watch has 3D stereo sound
  • It's new and innovative
  • Both this MP3 and USB watches are available in Plastic, Metal and Leather.

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